Design more effective 40K armies with these 5 short videos...

(...even if you're new to the game or haven't played since a previous edition)

The training videos on this page help you design better armies in Warhammer 40K and they work with any faction.

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Part 1: The 4 Pillars of Army Design
How to build a competitive Warhammer 40K Army

Most people build armies based on the models they have, or from "Net lists" an army list they found online. However the better players all build army lists following a unique method, this enables them to be AHEAD of the Meta. Watch this video to learn the unique army building method we use at Nights at the Game Table. (Meta = the standard armies/units you find in the current tournament)

Part 2: The Alpha Strike
How to hit hard on the first turn of the game to create a strong position on the board

If your first turn doesn't end with the destruction of some key elements of your opponents army, you're going to have a rough game. This video breaks down some helpful tips to keep in mind when you're performing your Alpha Strike!  (Alpha Strike = Your first round of Attacks)

Part 3: Durability
How to protect yourself from your opponents Alpha Strike so you aren't tabled on turn 1

It can be frustrating to have your army become ineffective on the first turn of the game after receiving your opponents Alpha Strike. This video teaches you how to build Durability into your force to ensure you can keep being effective on the board after the first few turns. (Durability = The Ability for a unit to stay alive into the later turns of a game)

Part 4: Probability
How to reduce the chance of "Luck" ruining your game

Based on math alone a full squad of Primaris Space Marines with Bolt Rifles will only RELIABLY kill 1 single Primaris Space Marine. This Video explores the role that probability has on army design, to help you build a more effective army.

Part 5: Range
How to be effective at the 3 different "ranges" during a game of Warhammer 40,000

There are 3 key ranges the game is fought at. The video explores all 3 of the different ranges and discusses how to build an army that can be effective at any given range. (Range = The distance between the majority of your force and your opponents.
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